Balance Harness® FAQ

houdiniIs the Balance Harness® a no-pull or anti‐pull harness?

If what you mean by no-pull is that it squeezes or “corrects” the dog in some way when pulling occurs, then no. If what you are looking for is a front-attachment harness, then yes. You can connect the leash to the front ring, back ring, or to the front and back rings for two points of contact (a Tellington TTouch® technique). It’s definitely worth the investment of time to learn good leash handling techniques so that walking with your dog on leash is an enjoyable experience. TTouch techniques such as using two points of contact, stroking the lead, using your body position for signaling, etc. are extremely useful.

How is this harness different from other H-style harnesses?

It’s very different from other H-style harnesses in that every strap is adjustable allowing your dog’s joints to have complete freedom of movement. In addition, it’s the only H-style harness that allows you to adjust the top (colored) strap and the bottom (chest) strap to move the girth strap, where you want it, along your dog’s rib cage. In other words, you get to adjust the harness so that the girth strap does not push against your dog’s armpits (near the elbows)–see above photo. It is made of high quality and soft webbing in the USA. There are no rough edges of cut webbing against the dog’s fur and therefore it doesn’t pull your dog’s fur or cause chafing.

Do you sell double‐ended leashes (leashes with 2 snaps)?

Not quite yet, but we hope to soon. See for a list of products.

Do you sell an option of the harness with padding?

No, however, the Balance Harness is very soft and will not chafe your dog, if fit correctly.

Can I get a harness with a buckle in the neck opening?

Yes, you can. This option is one of two styles currently available. The style with a neck buckle was designed for dogs who have sensitive ears or are sensitive to things going over their heads. In addition, it’s a great option for dogs with large heads and small necks.

The harness tilts to the side. What should I do?

Nothing. It’s not pulling fur or rubbing it’s just tilting a bit. Over time it moves less, probably because of the dirt and oils it picks up from your dog’s coat. The tilting is noticeable because of the colored strap – this is an aesthetic issue for us, not a functional one as far as we can tell. In addition, when it tilt it’s not putting pressure on the limbs or neck assuming it is fitted correctly. As a side note, I use the colored strap as a cue not to pull the leash to the side.

If you’re seeing any signs of rubbing, it’s likely too tight or not adjusted quite right. It’s very soft on the inside without rough edges of cut webbing that could rub. If it still bothers you or your dog, after a bit more wear, please let us know and we’ll try to come up with a solution for you. Customers say that even their bare-chested dogs are wearing the Balance Harness without any signs of rubbing – and these are dogs who have had problems with previous harnesses.

Can I buy the Balance Harness wholesale?

Yes you can. Send email to to find out how.