Behavior Consultations

Behavior consultations utilize progressive and humane (animal-friendly) methods to help you and your dog. Lori is also an IAABC Certified Behavior Consultant. Common behavior issues that Lori provides help with include:

  • Fear, including extremely fearful animals
  • Lack of response & connection
  • Reactivity to other dogs & people
  • Leash walking challenges, e.g. barking, pulling, lunging
  • Preparing for visits to your veterinarian
  • Touch sensitivities

You will learn how to do the following:

  • Read your dog’s or parrot’s body language before behavior escalates
  • Reinforce the behaviors you want to encourage
  • Help your animal learn by setting your dog or parrot up for success
  • Build communication and trust
  • Influence your dog’s behavior with your own body language and position


Contact Lori for more information.