Training & Services

Teaching is offered via online classes, webinars, workshops, and DVDs.

Lori and Cassie

Lori offers a variety of training and canine wellness services including Tellington TTouch® Training, Canine Fitness, Rehabilitation Massage, and Behavior Consultations, used in combination and by themselves. These services can

  • Ease pain and discomfort
  • Restore and maintain mobility
  • Improve performance and fitness
  • Solve behavior issues
  • Reduce fear & improve confidence
  • Improve leash walking skills

Tellington TTouch Training involve using TTouch® tools and techniques, as well as bodywork. For dogs, movement and fitness work is also included.

Rehabilitation Massage includes a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage to boost the immune system and ROM to improve mobility.

Canine Fitness includes specific exercises, with and without special equipment, to increase strength, proprioception, balance, flexibility, and confidence.

Behavior Consultations benefit everyone by giving you effective and humane tools and methods to encourage behaviors that work for both you and your dog.

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