Canine Fitness

Photo by Marty Strausbaugh at Clicker Expo

Canine Fitness is a lot more than throwing the ball for your dog.  Dogs participate in structured exercises, both on the floor and using FITNESS and TRAINING EQUIPMENT, that are appropriate for your dog’s current fitness level. Fitness exercises are fun for your dog. Fitness exercises have the following benefits:

        • Strengthens muscles, bones, and tendons koji-fitpaws-pods
        • Improves flexibility
        • Exercises the mind
        • Builds confidence
        • Strengthens the bond with your dog
        • Improves positive reinforcement training skills
        • Improves performance and endurance
        • Improves balance and proprioception
        • Slows aging
        • Supports weight management
        • Boosts the immune system
        • Provides positive indoor activities that you both participate in

Lori’s article on fitness for senior dogs in the Karen Pryor Clicker Training library: My Dog is Aging—Now What? More Training, Of Course! 

Fitness exercises improve body awareness which can lead to more confidence and other positive changes in behavior. Cassie-stretch


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